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A 'Word of Thanks' from Next: Keeping Mesa County seniors fed all year 'round

We'll highlight a different cause every week.

Next with Kyle Clark

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Published: 5:37 PM MDT June 3, 2020
Updated: 12:36 PM MST November 23, 2023

We offer up a “Word of Thanks” every week during Next with Kyle Clark – it's a chance to highlight small and medium non-profits doing crucial work in Colorado.

The routine is simple. Each week, Kyle presents a new organization he'd like to highlight and asks you to consider just a $5 donation. He won't share any cause that he won't donate to himself and will match the first fifty donations of $5 every time. We will share the causes within this article every week.

If you are not able to give but want to support the effort, please consider sharing this link with others who may feel encouraged to donate. Thank you all for your consideration and generosity!

For those keeping track, we have raised more than $11.4 million together since Word of Thanks started in June 2020! Below is a list of the non-profits we have highlighted in 2022 so far.

>> 2022 tax information: If you're looking for the tax ID for any of these causes, we compiled a list with each one.

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