About Us

Zach Miller is the founder and team leader of Team Rebel Fishing. It came from his vision in 1999 to be able to capture world class fish from land based surfaces and structures to the likes of which nobody had ever seen before. This became his motivation to come up with a more innovative style of angling to use, and to have a never ceasing appetite for expeditions.

The goal is to break boundaries and limitations to accomplish what people deem as “impossible.” And we did, and still continue to do so with the greatest anglers the world has ever known.

We keep on proving that we don’t just think outside “the box”, but we have crushed “the box” and created our very own style unique to nobody but us, with our innovative expeditionary “suicide” trips and endless hunger for the hunt and adventure that comes along with it , we will not be denied until we are put in the grave because of this obsession.

We chose the name “Team Rebel” because we know how it always suited us well. We have are “rebelling” on the idea that you have to be on a vessel to catch world-class fish.

A journey to greatness…

Team Rebel is on the cutting edge of expeditionary style angling and is world renowned for pushing the envelope to accomplish extraordinary angling feats, all while carrying a strong message of conservation about the wildlife we encounter in our expeditions, this is done all while we fight for anglers rights all across the state. We are experts in the department of shark fishing, land-based fishing, as well as shark fishing historians.

Our quest will never end, as our pursuit to accomplish what many deem impossible is what drives us to put our life and own safety on the line to flatten the box of ordinary, and promote a misunderstood and mostly forgotten style of extreme angling in a way that old school sport is met with a new age twist. Join us, as cast off on our quest to rock the angling and scientific world, all while achieving our goals in ways that many may label us “Insane”.