Come, let’s fish in Florida!

Of course, Florida is one of the top spots for fishing in the United States. With fishing destinations such as the Key Largo, Key West, Islamorada and Marathon, there are indeed a lot of areas where locals and tourists like you and me can go to catch the best fish in the state. Know that Florida also has more than 7,000 lakes and miles and miles of shoreline. This is why I actually go on vacation from my lead geeks business once in a while to de-stress and enjoy myself.

People have been asking me why I absolutely love fishing in Florida and if there are some nuggets of wisdom that I can share. Well, here are my top tips for all of you – this is for both newbies and veteran fishers and anglers:

1. Know the fish that you want to get. Plan your fishing trip around that.

While fishing in Florida is available all year round, the kind of fish that you will get actually depends on the season. This is because the water temperature changes according to the season and the fish migrate because of spawning. So it is important to determine what kind of fish you want to get and plan your trip accordingly. There are now charts and apps available online that you can refer to in order to determine the fish you are going to get.

2. Make sure that you get a fishing license.

In Florida, a fishing license is a must, whether you are a professional or recreational fisher. A recreational fishing license have different costings, depending on whether you are a local or a tourist and the number of days that you would like to engage in fishing. If you are a professional fisher or if you are with a charter group, it is better to check out the website of the Florida Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

3. The kind of fish that you can get in Florida is mostly made up of saltwater types.

Here are the top fishes that you will be able to get in Florida: Tarpon – the state’s most popular gamefish; Sailfish – the primary saltwater fish in the area; Spotted Sea Trout – or referred to as the speckled trout that can mostly be found in estuaries; the Snook which can be found in the warmer areas of Florida’s waters, among others.

4. Take part in Florida’s fishing tournaments

Florida hosts a lot of fishing tournaments. Most of these happen in or near the Indian Shores and/or the Indian Rocks Beach. Here are the most famous of these tournaments: The Turtle Slam Fishing Tournament, the Ed Alber Tarpon Rodeo, Hooked on Hope

Inshore Tournament, Turtle Slam Fishing Tournament, Make a Difference Fishing Tournament, and so on.

Definitely, if you are after fun and a really good bit of fishing, Florida is the best place to go. Have a great fishing vacation like what I usually do. Head off to Florida now.