The Beginning

Team Rebel Fishing are the experts in the department of shark fishing, land-based fishing, as well as shark fishing historians. So if your interests lie on the same thing, then maybe you could think about being a part of our team.

We carry a strong message of conservation about the wildlife we encounter in our expeditions, this is done all while we fight for anglers rights all across the state. This is neither just a hobby or a job to us. This is our passion. This is a life we built through a common passion – land fishing… and right now, we could say that we achieved to being the best among the best in the field. We continue to strive to be greater, as we form a strong partnership with other experts around in the path of land-based fishing and ‘angling’.

How did we begin this quest?

Everything was born from something. For Team Rebel Fishing, this something includes many people who have been our inspiration to reach the place we are in right now.

Over the years, we have met a lot of people who designed us to be what we are now. They are the pioneers that influenced us to do better, fish harder, push ourselves to our limits to be able to accomplish some of the most extreme angling feats ever witnessed. Herb Goodman, Zac Meyer, the Paxton Bros, and Walter Maxwell are among these people.

For instance, Herb Goodman was the original land-based shark fisherman who helped start the history of this sport. He was the one who introduced the simplest tricks to deploy baits such as using balloons and remote control boats. He is innovative and creative in coming up with new tricks to use for this sport. This is why, Team Rebel Fishing, see him as a Legend to look up to.

Zac Miller is also known as the shark baiter of all times. Where he goes, sharks follow. He claimed the record of having caught the finest and rarest sharks the world has ever seen. He is also responsible for bringing the land-based shark-fishing in Houston into the mainstream. If you visit his house and open his beautiful double car garage door, you’d see not only the long range bucket harnesses he use, but also the evidence of his trophy catches as well.

The Paxton Bros are two people responsible for launching an association for shark species preservation. They are responsible for progress of the sport and the parameters set to be able to properly conserve the shark species.

Lastly, Walter Maxwell is very well known as the man who caught the largest tiger shark through rod and wheel. He hunts great sharks like none other. His skills are unparalleled with the use of boat, much more in the land-based fishing. Until now, no one yet has beaten this master in his catch.

Having these amazing people as our inspiration encouraged us to create a good environment for people who share the same passion. If you think you belong with us, then call us today at Let’s be a family here together.